Co.r.ex SpA was founded in 1979 by the Pisani family. The company has emerged as one of Italian most successful trading / toll packing / manufacturing companies. Based in southern Italy in the Salerno area, the company exports to over 500 supermarkets, importers and distributors worldwide. It is the company's mission to provide authentic, high quality Italian food products at the best competitive prices.
Our range encompasses a wide array of products, from pasta, peeled tomatoes, tomato paste and boiled legumes to olive oil, pasta sauces and fruit cocktail. This diversity, combined with our skill in creating private label attribute to Co.r.ex's conquest of currently more than 60 world markets.

How does Co.r.ex offer quality goods at such low prices? Being co-packers gives us the flexibility to offer a wide range of products with different specs and quality levels. We are not tied to one production site and carefully select the raw materials we purchase so are able to offer a product which meets the requirements of each specific market.
Our long-standing relationships with southern Italian suppliers, our high credit rating and the fact that we purchase raw materials in bulk are three factors which give us the edge over the client who approaches a supplier directly.

Co.r.ex does not stop at the sale of the product itself but offers a complete service which many manufacturers are not able to provide. Our multilingual staff are well versed in the trends and conditions of each individual market and use this knowledge and our long experience to render our products more competitive.